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Surface coatings since 1992

Vacuum Surtec was founded in 1992 as a division of a group operating since the 70’s with coating technologies using thermal spraying (plasma spray), and is a coating service company that specialises in PVD and PACVD coatings. The group then diversified over time in different technologies but retained its focus on surface coatings.

Thanks to 6 coating plants and a complete part pretreatment and preparatory system, we are able to:

  • assist the customer in selecting the best treatment depending on the technical and economic requirements;
  • industrialise the application through complete automation of the plants and the retention of their manufacturing know-how, control and development;
  • guarantee fast deliveries planned in agreement with the customer;
  • guarantee constant quality control throughout the production process using appropriate instruments;
  • respond to any kind of aesthetic need, through the fine tuning of colours;
  • offer ourselves as partners in research projects, thanks to the experiences gained and to the long-term collaborations with universities and research institutes.

In the past we published an extensive research study on the applicability of our technology to titanium dioxide (TiO2) coatings, from which our Italian and European patent arose, coupled with the functionality of photo-catalytic coatings.

The research, published by Elsevier:
C. Giolli, F. Borgioli, A. Credi, “Characterisation of TiO2 coatings prepared by modified electric arc-physical vapour deposition system”, Surface & Coatings Technology, 2007.
The study was also presented at the "5th International Surface Engineering Congress (ISEC) and Exhibition", Seattle (USA), 2006.

PVD and PACVD are internal treatments, but we manage other complementary services to better ensure the end result, such as chemical nickel, electrolytic nickel plating, sand blasting, heat treatment, etc. The types of products open to deposits are many and are closely linked to the specific needs of the component to be coated; among them is included the sought after DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon).

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